Easy Auto Booking Through AirBnB and VRBO

Bridger Guest House, Bozeman, Montana,                                          AirBnB

It's late. You are running behind schedule, and still have hours left to drive on I-90 as it winds through the mountains and valleys of south-central Montana. You're weighing your options: hotels, motels, AirBnB, or a dark parking lot. Off in the distance, your headlights reflect off of a green rectangle. FINALLY, an exit! As you pull off the freeway, you wonder what this new town in Middle America is all about... Bozeman.

You're surprised, because as you drive through town, it seems as if everything is booked, or not really affordable for your large group. You might be pulling into a gas station or local restaurant at this point, looking for a place to crash. Your friends and/or family have long since been asleep, buckled in their seats, and all the commotion of the road trip has died down.

After a moment, you turn to your trusty smartphone, and look up accommodations in town. Starting in the general area where you are parked, you quickly see that most travelers have arrived MUCH earlier than you, and are now fast asleep in their nice and warm beds. As you scroll down further you see a link to AirBnB, and figure, "What the hey." So you scroll through a short list of the best of the best in town, and you decide that you just can't go wrong with the top 20 list AirBnB provides, right? 😉

Bridger Guest House. OK, sounds fine. Luckily the guesthouse is set up to accept auto-bookings, because otherwise you'd be out of luck this late at night! Now it's only a matter of finding this place. As you cautiously pull out of the parking lot and venture into this new and mysterious city, you are pleasantly surprised to see how well kept it is. Things look better and better as you make your way through town. The owner has included easy to read and clear directions, so it's not too big of a deal finding this place after driving for 10 straight hours.

As you stop at the intersection of Main St. And Willson Ave., you pause and notice a lively downtown, full of people mingling, sitting outside enjoying a microbrew, and just generally enjoying life. Nice! You are feeling pretty good at this point, and secure in your decision to pick this random little guesthouse, in this random little town, in the great state of Montana.

As you drive south on Willson, the old Victorian and Craftsman style homes sit back from the street, while the giant old linden trees are lit up by the street lights. Finally you are ready to make a left. Almost there, you think, as your eyes start to close unintentionally. At this point you are ready to crawl out of your vehicle and fall asleep on the driveway of this guesthouse as soon as you get there...

As you pull around the last turn, you look to your right, and there it is. All looks well, and the light is on out front. Is this the right place? Could it really be that simple? You pull into the driveway, and let your family and friends sleep, while you investigate. The door is unlocked for you, and you apprehensively walk in. You flick the lights on, and all of a sudden, you realize you made the right decision!

Since you fully read the listing, you are aware that there is a yard with a firepit somewhere. As you peruse the listing again, you see there is a grill, and try to figure out an excuse to use it to cook breakfast or something before you head out tomorrow. And the yard looks great, but it's a shame that you are on a tight schedule, and already behind. It's just that you underestimated how big Montana is, and... It's ok we get it. Maybe next time you can play in the yard, have a fire, and grill some food.

Before you wake everyone, it's important to find the most comfy bed for yourself, so you decide to test each one out. After finding just the right bed, you walk out to the vehicle to get your people, and finally get everyone to bed. As they slowly awake from their slumber, they are also surprised to see that they are sitting out front of a... home. Not a motel, or hotel, or inn, or anything like that, but what looks like Aunt Sally's house.

Without any complaints, and half open eyes, everyone falls out of the vehicle, and crawls into the house. You can tell they are also happy with your choice, but there is no exchange of words. Just straight to bed, where the sheets are nice and soft against bare skin, and everything smells nice and fresh. As you stretch your legs out one last time before dozing off, you're thinking, "Why would anyone pay twice as much for a hotel or motel for this much space and comfort?" The sleep overpowers you, and you drift off, dreaming of the road you just drove for so many long hours...

Welcome to Bozeman!

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