We are pleased to offer you guided hiking trips, catered to your needs and abilities. You do not necessarily need to stay with us to book these trips. We offer hikes for all abilities, and are familiar with the locale. We can function as a guide or be more hands off, and let you enjoy the scenery without having the worries of wondering where you are going, and what to do in countless wilderness situations. Just stop and smell the flowers, because we can arrange everything.

Trips start at $100 for a simple trip to $150/day for backpacking trips. This includes transportation to the trailhead for up to 4 people (more can caravan if the guest has a vehicle), but does not include fuel, food, water, gear, permits (if necessary), and other items.

Themed "hikes" include caving adventures, ghost town camping and exploration, cross country skiing, crystal digging, mushroom hunting, extreme picnicking, wildlife and wildflower viewing, animal tracking, and photography tours.


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