• Taxes: A common question we get is why we charge tax, if Montana has no sales tax? We do in fact have two taxes which regulate the "lodging" industry, which all businesses from outfitting to hotels must pay, if they keep people for the night. There is a third municipal tax instituted by the city of Bozeman as well. The third tax is worked into the price. So basically, you are paying 7%, which then goes to the general state fund to promote tourism, fix trails, implement signs, and such. This is a GOOD tax, if there ever was one.
  • Fees: Across the internet sites we have our listing up on, the issues regarding fees may be the most contentious. We guarantee that we charge the least amount in fees ($20 cleaning fee!), than just about anyone out there. There are two kinds of fees when you book anywhere online. First is the host's fees. The second is the sites fees. Some sites charge more (far more) than others. Keep this in mind as you shop around for bookings. Notice that we have multiple links to other sites we are listed on. It is against the terms of use and policy for us to suggest "where" a customer should book their stay. It is just not worth it to us, to lose a valuable listing, so a customer can save 5% on their total bill. With a few clicks, you can discover, for yourself, the best sites to book on. The two best choices are the sites we have linked to on our website. Click and compare the total prices on those sites.
  • The fees we charge are as follows:
    • Cleaning fee - $40
    • Pet fee - $20
    • extra people after 6 - $20
  • The fees various other sites charge:
    • Protection plans (VRBO): You have a choice here. You can choose the PDP Insurance policy through VRBO which is $59, or you can choose the $1500 deposit which goes on your credit card and does not cost anything unless the host assumes damages to the property
    • General fees: This is where you can save some big bucks. The fees range from anywhere to 8% to 24% of the total bill, across all sites we know of on the internet. Shop around, there are many places out there
    • Service fee (VRBO): This varies by the price and options, but it will show up on your quote, so we are including it here.

House Rules: Please help us keep our property in good shape for the next guests! We are small time business owners and focus on making our guests happy. We try to be immediately responsive to our guest's needs, and go out of our way to make them happy. The rules are as follows:

  • No smoking.
  • Please pick up after yourself. Our cleaning fee includes reasonable cleaning, and we have yet to see anyone leave our place a complete mess. Common sense should rule here.
  • We do not charge extra cleaning fees for: doing dishes, laundry, wiping down floors/cabinets/countertops, bathroom cleaning (unless it is unreasonably dirty), bed making, couch vacuuming, dusting, sweeping/vacuuming, plant watering, taking out the trash. Basically, if you took a book off the shelf, or a boardgame, please put it back how you found it. If you spill something, please clean it up. We will charge extra for things like that.
  • No loud parties. This is not the venue for large parties. This is low-key, quiet neighborhood, which has dodged most of the loudness which accompanies many of the college neighborhoods around Montana State University. We would like to keep it that way. Hanging outside and talking, even listening to music, and having a great time is awesome! Just no loud raging parties with loud screaming and keg stands please. The neighbors WILL call the police.
  • Pick up after your dog. If you have a dog, walk around the yard and make sure to pick up every poop you see.
  • Do not let your dog/children into the raised beds, or play in the raised beds. This should go without saying. The raised beds are not just dirt. They have seeds in them, and need to sit for the winter without being disturbed, as they are native wildflowers. It is vitally important that they be left alone and no digging or walking take place in the beds.
  • Park only in front of the golden colored fence. There is room for 2 cars or 1 RV there, with plenty of space on the street.
  • Do not move the grill. It is in that exact spot, so it doesn't burn the sun shade over the deck.
  • Firepit: Definitely use your common sense. If you have no experience with fire, then maybe pass on it. There is firewood bundles for sale, and you can either leave a $5 bill in the box, or we can charge your card through your booking website (note extra fees apply here). ALWAYS USE THE SPARK SCREEN! If you need to clean the pit out, only move the screen when it is cold to the touch. This may also be obvious but DO NOT COOK ON THE SCREEN. We know it may be tempting, but your food will turn out gross and you will wreck our screen. Use the poker tool to lift the screen door to add wood when the fire is hot. NEVER LEAVE CHILDREN UNATTENDED NEAR A BURNING FIRE.
  • TV/INTERNET/DVD: There are detailed instructions inside the house about this, but basically if you want to log into the wifi, there is simply a password and a network you need to choose. If you want to use the TV, first turn it on (may take a second or to turn on), and if you want to access the internet and watch Netflix, choose the correct input, make sure the computer is on, and log into your accounts. MAKE SURE TO LOG OUT OF ALL ACCOUNTS BEFORE CHECK OUT. If you are still confused, check the detailed instructions on the laminated sheet inside. If you want to use the DVD player, simple switch to the correct input and use the DVD remote control. There is both a wired keyboard/mouse and a wireless keyboard/mouse for your convenience.
  • Do not trespass on private property. While we are in an ideal location and surrounded by trails and trail access points, we do not encourage that you trespass on private property to access the main trail system. There are many legal access points. Ask us about trails in town and how to get to them, or use the informational sheet supplied.
  • Trash: trash can is our front, and if you would like to recycle, we can take your recycling. Put it in a separate bag, and leave it out by the garbage can. It's fine if you have a lot of trash, but please do not try to over load the can. Just leave the bags off to the side.