Montana State University and MSU Fridays

Much of our business comes from Montana State University, located a few miles away. Many parents and students are naturally curious about Bozeman, and Montana, and want to see what it has to offer them, as their children go off to spend the next 4 years of their life in a small college town in the Northern Rocky Mountains. They choose to explore this area by attending MSU Fridays, which is a program that brings families from all over the world to the campus in Bozeman, to show them around.

Finding a place on these days can be exceptionally challenging, and even when MSU has large conferences, it is a daunting task to find affordable short term housing in Bozeman. We are an ideal location for those on business trips to Bozeman, or those finishing up an online degree. There is no place which can compare in price, located this close to campus, and which has all the amenities of your own home.

Whether you are exploring town to check out MSU, or on business, you will be close to both the trail system, and the bus stop, thereby eliminating the need and hassle of a vehicle (No parking passes required). At the same time as you save money and enjoy your stay, you will be helping support a small independent vacation rental business, and pumping that money back into our local economy, as all of our hotel and lodging taxes go back into the State’s general fund. Enjoy your trip!

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